I want donuts. And a slurpee. And French toast.

If I’m going to be sick anyway might as well make it worth it!

For all the scenes in Tv shows and movies where they swing/reach an arm out in the morning to find no one there, but if someone had been they would have got smacked in the face by the trajectory.

So the first T3 helped…for four hours. Now the pain is back and it’s been an hour since the second T3 and it’s not receding. Here’s to hopefully hearing from the doctor soon about some real antibiotics.

The Prestige (2006) → “You want to be fooled.”

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So Doctor is thinking possible kidney stones plus infection, but I won’t know anything more until the test comes back. :(

Sent me home with a container of T3’s for the pain/nausea so I guess that’s going to be my Wednesday.

…and guess who’s been up sick all night/morning. This girl. Couple more hours and if it doesn’t let up, off to the ER I go.